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What's so special about Special Projects?

After two years under our tool belt, our Special Projects group is making their mark in Cincinnati. We have grown in talents, capabilities, and satisfied customers. The question we continue to get is two-fold. What is a Special Project? And what makes it so special? 

When we launched the offering, we started with Small Projects and that seemed frankly… too “small”.  We discussed Building Alterations or Tenant Improvements but that seemed too limiting. We landed on Special Projects and that fit the bill very well for multiple reasons.

The Projects Are Specialized

The team meets the specialized needs of our clients and their unique set of construction related building and tenant improvement projects. More often than not they are outside of what a traditional general contractor is equipped to handle because of the pace and scale. Therefore, we built a team of project managers and multi-talented in-house production staff that can plan and execute a versatile set of projects faster and better than anyone in the market.

The Approach is Unique

While we pull from our tried and true construction management practices, Special Projects require a modified approach that has to be both agile and very controlled. The key is in our talent and strong subcontractor and supplier relations. We hand-picked only those that can be as versatile and flexible as are clients need us to be. 

The Control is Greater

Having the ability to self-perform many aspects of our projects gives us greater control on the quality and the price. This gives our clients greater value and the confidence knowing the job will be done right, safe and on schedule.

The Talent is Multi-Skilled

When your jobs are versatile and vary in scope - a tenant renovation to a demo project to an exterior awning install – you have to have a team of multi-skilled tradesmen that can wear multiple “hard hats” from project to project. These type of managers and construction workers are unique and a gem in the industry… or special if you will. 

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